SHOCKING: Modafinil Treatment in Rats Causes Bone Loss

Modafinil is principally prescribe for treatment of narcolepsy and insomnia similar disorders.
It is also used as enhancer and due to its expansion so extensively, exceptionally among young people. 

Medical Authorities fear side effects among youngster could be on rise. Modafinil use in youngster could cause trabecular, cortical bone loss in tibia and femur, and reduction in bio-mechanical strength, as this conclusion came in light when test where performed on rats.

Taking in account of its over use in youthful grown-ups the impact of modafinil have negative significant issue which has never been explored before.

Modafinil experiment when conducted in rats caused trabecular and cortical bone loss in tibia and femur, and decrease in bio mechanical strength. New Study has discovered that stimulant causing bone loss in young rats. We came across a good conversation on Reddit