Quit These Everyday Habits to Save Your Brain


Our brain is the master organ which controls all activities in our body and it is like the sun to the solar system. It is very important in keeping all functions going well. However, we tend to harm this organ with our bad habits. 

Knowingly or unknowingly all have some habits which are not good for our brain. In this write up we are going to discuss some of these practices. 

Needless to say, brain is the most important organ in our body and it has utmost importance in our life. This is what the superior stuff we are having which distinguishes us from animals. 

The brain not only controls the metabolic activities but it also aid in controlling thought processes and also enhances decision making skills.

Here are the habits which harm out brain in the long run.

Skipping breakfast

 We do it every morning and there is no big talk in that. Even if we have breakfast, it is not healthy and we tend to eat it fast. It is the first meal that you take after a long fast which is a night sleep. Thus you must take it daily and it had to be healthy. 

Your body and brain too need nutrients and energy to start their work.

Sugar cravings

It is common whether we are stressed or not. We tend to eat sugary stuff as we have become so much habitual to it. But before you take a bite of the cupcake with chocolate icing, you should know that excess sugar consumption is linked with cognitive disorders, memory issues and depression also.

Binge eating

This has direct connection with obesity which in turn connects you to several health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high blood pressure. Moreover, it creates mess inside the brain by disturbing its chemical release pattern.


This habit is not good for heart and lungs but also for brain functioning. 
Nicotine in tobacco releases dopamine and causes thinning of cortex which in linked with memory issues, depression, anxiety and also put you on high risk of Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia.

Working even if you are unwell

Even when we are not well, our brain keeps working on the removal of bacteria and controlling the immune system. In addition to this, when you work while you are unwell, you are tiring your brain more.

Not having enough sleep

Sleep issues have been connected with memory impairment and slow brain functioning. Thus it is very important to have better slumber in order to keep brain healthy and working actively.

Not engaging in brain enhancing activities

Like our body needs food, our brain also needs some activities which can challenge its working and it can work smoothly. Thus you must get involve into some activities which can feed your brain.

Lack of these habits is the reason for us to suffer from poor brain functionality and thus we tend to suffer from cognition ailments also. It is better to adopt these healthy habits to have a healthy brain.