Drug Withdrawal & Detox with Ayurveda Part 1

How to Detoxify oneself with the help of Ayurveda?

Our body is subjected to air, water, soil, and noise pollution every day.  These causes a toll on our health. Even stress causes undue pressure on our body.  If our mind is not calm and stable our body also has adverse effects of it.

Ideally, one must eat when hungry and eat the right kind of food as per ones’ s body constitution to stay healthy.  

If this is not followed it leads to harmful effects on the body and we become sick. Our digestive system is the first to be affected which becomes weak causing indigestion leading to the following health problems-

1. Constipation,

2. lethargy,

3. headache,

4. giddiness,

5. stiffness over upper and lower back,

6. yawning,

7. pain in the body,

8. excessive thirst,

9. fever,

10. nausea,

11. loss of appetite and

12. Excessive salivation as well.

The various channels (arteries, veins and lymphatic system) which distribute nutrients throughout the body get blocked & proper nutrition is not received by the various parts of the body to function well.

To prevent this, we must clean our body internally.  Ayurveda has answers to this problem.The 5 internal body cleansing therapies have originated from Ayurveda and has been recommended by Ayurved Acharyas and practiced since years to keep body fit, prevent diseases & stay young.  Also, it has therapeutic benefits for the diseasesas it repairs the damage caused by the root cause of the disease. This kind of an approach does not produce side-effects. This is what Ayurveda believes in.

Over the years our body accumulates a lot of toxins due to improper diet and lifestyle adopted in various seasons, less or no exercise &stress, etc. 

The toxins in drugs, alcohol get accumulated in various channels in our body like the food canal, respiratory system, urinary tract, reproductive system, sense organs, lymphatic system, etc. which reflects on our skin.   

This affects our mind and soul as well. We get anxious and depressed due to the physical ailments which we have. 

For instance, adolescents who suffer from acne get very anxious about their looks so it very important for it to be treated.    

An individual can achieve it by undergoing Detoxification which is called as Panchkarmaunder which off course should be under the supervision of a registered Ayurveda practitioner/ Vaidya.

“Panchkarma” is a Sanskrit word.

“Panch” means 5.

“Karma” is a therapy for human beings to be clean internally.

So, it means 5 therapies which are done to cleanse the body of human beings internally.

So let us see the 5 therapies according to Acharya Charak

1) Therapeutic Emesis(Vamana)

2) Therapeutic purgation(Virechan)

3) Medicated oil enema (Anuvasan Vasti)

4) Medicated decoction enema(Niruh Vasti)

5) Nasal insufflation (Nasya)

However, Acharya Sushrutahas considered blood tissue as the fourth dosha and established the treatment of Blood letting using non –poisonous leech & nowadays with the use of syringe or scalp vein set to correct any blood-related diseases. 

Before Panchkarma, 2 preparatory therapies are given namely-

1) Snehan (Herbal oil massage on body followed by Swedan)

2) Swedan (Steam bath or hot fomentation using herbal poultice)

All the therapies are done on proper physical examination and when diagnosis is established,under the supervision of registered Ayurveda practitioner/ Vaidya. 

Detoxification treatments/ Panchkarma in Ayurveda-

1. Therapeutic Emesis (Vamana)-

It is the first Panchakarmaprocedure in which vomiting is induced preceding which few treatment procedures are done.Vamana is best for option for pacifying the aggravated Kaphadoshaunder the supervision of registered Ayurveda practitioner/ Vaidya.Vamana is indicated in following diseases in Bronchitis, Bronchial asthma, Dyspnea, Indigestion, etc.

2. Therapeutic Purgation(Virechana)- 

In thistreatment procedure the excess Pitta doshais removed out from the body.  The patient is prescribed medicated clarified butter (ghee) for consumption in specified dose and for specified period of time.  During this period of time the toxins in the body are channelized towards the food canal where they get accumulated.  Finally, the toxins are excreted out by inducing purgation by purgatives prescribed by the Vaidya.   The patient passes loose motions depending upon the amount of toxins accumulated in the food canal. 

It is employed for diseases caused by vitiation of Pitta doshaslike skin diseases which includes Psoriasis, Eczema, Hyperacidity, etc. 

3. Medicated Oil Enema (Anuvasan Vasti)-

Enema is said to serve as the most important function to pacify the Vata dosha.

Anuvasan Vasti is a special type of enema in which a specific variety of medicated oil enema as per the disease condition of the patient is administeredas advised by the treating Ayurveda practitioner/ Vaidya.This enema has to be retained for a period of time. It is employed for diseases caused by vitiation ofVata doshalikeOsteoarthritis, Low back pain, Sciatica, Gout, etc.

4. Medicated decoction enema (Niruh Vasti) - 

In this process, instead of medicated oil, herbal decoction is administered through the anus or urinary-tract depending upon the disease as advised by the treating Ayurveda practitioner/ Vaidya.

It is best option for pacifying the aggravated all the three Vata, Pitta&Kapha doshas.It has anti-ageing effect. 

5. Nasal insufflation (Nasya)-

It is used for treatment of diseases which affect the parts above the neck region like Allergic-Rhinitis, Migraine, Frontal-Sinusitis, Epilepsy, etc. as recommended by the treating registered Ayurveda practitioner/Vaidya.In this treatmentHerbal oil is administered into the nostrils. 

6. Blood-letting (Rakta mokshan)- 

This treatment procedure is utilized in curing diseases caused by vitiation of bloodtissue. Blood is a significant connective tissue of the human body. Rakta mokshanais highly efficacious procedure done using non-poisonous leeches &syringe or scalp vein set to correct any blood-related diseases like Eczema, Indigestion, Gout, Discoloration on skin,  piles, etc. 

This sums up the entire Detoxification/Panchkarma procedure.  Therefore, one must consult a registered Ayurveda practitioner/Vaidya for routine check-up if healthy and also if suffering from any long-standing diseases like Diabetes mellitus, High blood pressure, Obesity, High Cholesterol levels, indigestion, Skin Diseases, Primary Infertility (couples who are not able to reproduce after two years of marriage),Secondary infertility(couples who are not able to reproduce after the birth of their second child), Perimenopause health problems, Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) and other health problems.